It was September 1974. That was nearly 44 years ago. Yours truly was barely 13 years old. I was a fresh boy in secondary (high ) school. I was very green and naive and generally timid having arrived from a village primary school.

Barely a month upon resumption, our dear secondary school was to play a very important football match against another secondary school. That match was crucial to move to local government/ state championship. Our school senior team was determined to win that game “at all costs.”

About a week to this crucial game, some senior boys (whom we obviously dreaded ) had apparently decided that the school team needed supernatural powers in order to win . Apparently these graduating big boys had visited a local witch doctor who said he was Indian- trained. In those days witch doctors placed conspicuous signages in front of their so -called shrines with bold inscriptions: “Indian -trained.” It was supposed to convey messages to you that their powers were strong.

The seniors had apparently asked the witch doctor to prepare a charm that would enable our school win the game. The witch doctor had apparently demanded for some money to prepare the charm.

On a particular night these seniors went round all the dormitories. I recall it was about mid night. They woke us up one by one and “commanded ” us to all contribute to the “special fund”. From my meagre pocket money I contributed. Everyone did under the intimidating eyes of the seniors.

I will not lie to you , we were already seeing victory. With the charm we were all confident our school will trash the opposition. The witch doctor had apparently given an instruction to the seniors who consulted him. We learnt he told our seniors that on the day of the match, our goal keeper must run to the opposition goal post to dance as soon as the referee blows his whistle signalling the beginning of the game. Thereafter he should run back to his post. The moment he got near the opposition post they chased him away.

That game was a disaster for our team. We were thoroughly beaten. Many people cried all night and refused dinner. Some were crying for the whallopping while others were crying for our “wasted investments”. From that day , 44 years ago , I learnt some lessons that shaped my life to date . Here are the lessons:

1.YOUNG ADULTS ARE VULNERABLE AND SUBJECT TO MANIPULATIONS . I found myself contributing to a cause my parents never taught me. Seniors were of great influence . We believed in what they told us. We lost our up keep allowances. Watch your kids closely.Many young adults are molested in boarding schools. A lot of evil habits like sodomy are learnt in schools. False ideologies are picked up in schools . A lot happens in boarding schools. Check bags of your young adults. Watch out for unusual behaviours when they return from holidays . A stitch in time saves nine.

Our school tried to use a stupid charm to achieve success . Success requires skill and hard work. If you don’t work real hard, failure is guaranteed.. God’s word says only the diligent can be successful. (Prov.22.29). Hard work is indispensable for success.

We went to the wrong place to seek for blessings . The devil cannot help you succeed or achieve victory . It’s God that gives victory through Christ ( 1 Chor. 15.57). Ask God to bless the work of your hands (Deut.28.12).


Those seniors came to us by mid night. Why was it not announced in the morning or evening assembly.? Why did the teachers not know ? The guys obviously knew what they were doing was not good . Watch out for activities that take place under the cover of darkness. Watch out for events that take place under closed doors. Nobody commits adultery openly. Thieves operate under cover. Holy meetings are held in the open. Watch out. The way of the wicked is as darkness. (Prov.4.19).

We contributed money and looked hopeful. We ended in sorrows at the end of the game. Nobody can give you what he or she does not have. The devil can only kill , steal or destroy (John. 10.10). He stole our pocket money 44 years ago and stole our joy and destroyed our football team. Only God can bless without sorrow. (Prov. 10.22).

Finally note that the devil is deceptive. He cannot tell the truth. The truth is not in him. He is the father of lies. He is sly. He is crafty . He deceived our seniors who deceived us. We had a wasted investment. We could not even ask for refund from the so called magician. He would have started another round of tricks .

Please learn from me. I learnt 44 years ago. Stay on God’s side . Follow the advice enunciated above. I am sure you will succeed if you follow this counsel. We shall hear your testimonies soon.

If this has blessed you, please share freely to your friends ,but please give credit to the author. God bless you real good.

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