I want to retell a story that can make an epic movie. It goes thus: The President of a country had a female secretary. This female secretary was a married woman. She already had children for her husband. She was ostensibly happily married. Then she begins to sleep with her office boss -the President. Her boss is also ostensibly happily married. Nonetheless, between the President and his secretary, two children are born. The Secretary husband celebrates these two kids believing they are his children.

Then the wife of the President mysteriously dies. Secretary moves into the State House as the First lady and officially divorces her husband. Between them, one more child is borne.

Then the new first lady lives “happily thereafter ” and becomes very influential in state matters. She even beats up other nationals in their home countries and pleads diplomatic immunity. She visits Asia and commits a crime there and returns home.

Sensing that her husband is 93 and may die any time soon, she begins to plot to take power from the President. She knows the best route is to be named Vice President. Suddenly the Vice President raises an alarm that the powerful first lady has attempted to poison her. Then in a twist of fate, the ageing President fires the Vice President. Vice President is on the run to a nearby country fearing for his life.

All appeared set to enthrone Madam first lady as Vice President. In a twist of fate, things change suddenly. The first lady is on the run. Elderly President ceases to be President. Runaway Vice President becomes the new President. This is the end of the movie. This movie was written and acted in a small southern African country. All the actors are from Zimbabwe. The lead actress is ex happily married, ex-Presidents Secretary, ex powerful and ambitious first lady – GRACE MUGABE.

Now that the movie is over let’s consider the lessons;

1. POWER COMES FROM GOD. God enthrones and dethrones kings. Sister Grace did everything possible to rule Zimbabwe. She almost got it. But it was not the will of God. Before you pursue any ambition be sure it’s in line with God’s plan. There are many desires in the heart of a man but only the counsel of the Lord shall stand. (Proverbs 19.21) . There is nothing a man has that is not given to him from above. (James 1.17). Seek God’s face before your quest for any position of power or influence.

Nothing in life lasts forever. Life itself has a limit of 120 years. Sister GRACE apparently forgot this expression. She is no longer the first lady. She can possibly never be again. When you are in power or positions of influence don’t be carried away by the lures of power. It’s transitory. Always live your life conscious of the fact that it will end one day.

3. FOUNDATION OF A THING CAN DETERMINE IT’S FUTURE. The foundation of the marriage of Sister GRACE to the erstwhile powerful President was laid on the bed of ADULTERY. It was immoral. It was sinful. Its future could not be guaranteed. What was cooked in a hotel room in Harare or government guest house has become a subject of worldwide mess. It has ended in shame for sister GRACE. It’s so messy that it’s the topic of this epic movie the world is watching. The bible says when the adverse weather comes, a house built on a bad foundation will collapse. (Mathew 7.:24-27). Check your family foundation. Check your company foundation. Is it set up on fraud and deception? Ask God for mercy before the wind will blow.

The legacy you will leave is critical. How will you be remembered when you retire from your company? How will you be remembered when you retire as a Pastor? How will you be remembered when you retire as a sportsman or musician.? You are writing your history now. Sister GRACE was blinded by ambition and never weighed on the options playing out now. I don’t know if she is still in Namibia or back home. But she did not end well. The bible says the end of anything is more important than it’s beginning( Ecc. 7:8) . Be careful to end well.

The office is a place of earning income to sustain the home. The devil knows that you need the income and invariably the office. The devil therefore plants home destroyers in the office. The mess in Zimbabwe has its root in OFFICE ROMANCE .It destroyed two marriages. It engulfed a whole nation. Sister GRACE was one of the culprits.. The boss was an accomplice. Be careful in the office. Every office has landmines planted by the devil. If you can overcome the lust over women and money, you will go places. Are you currently involved in OFFICE ROMANCE. ? Stop now or change jobs. Remember sister GRACE .

Sister GRACE was apparently arrogant . What she is reported to have done in Asia and South Africa were not good. It depicted arrogance. If she could beat up other countries citizens in their own country while she is only a first lady only God can tell what she would have done if she became president. May be that is why God stopped her . God does not like proud or arrogant people. In fact God’s word says God resists the proud. (James 4.6). That means God blocks their ambitions. If you are currently occupying a small position please be humble so that God will exalt you to a higher one..

7.MANY OTHER SISTER GRACE . Finally don’t think that Sister GRACE is only one. She is not only in Harare. There are many Sister Grace all over the world. If you a are lady don’t let the spirit of Sister GRACE work through you. If you are a man be sensitive to the spirit of Sister GRACE. Run when you see her. Don’t eat a mess of porridge and forsake your destiny. I pray you will make it in life. I pray you will overcome temptations . God willing we shall overcome land mines of the devil. May God help you to finish well . God bless you real good.

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