The competition for the world cup is over. France is world champions for the next four years. However, the English Premier League season for 2018/ 2019 begins in about 2 weeks. I am an ardent follower of the English Barclays premier league. I also love history. I will share the interesting history of champions of the Premier League in the last three seasons :

In 2014/2015 season, Chelsea has been crowned champions. Jose MOURINHO was the celebrated coach. The following season ( 2015/2016) with the same players and same coach, Chelsea had a disastrous outing . Chelsea could not qualify for the Champions league . Mourinho was fired.

In that same season (2015/2016), while Chelsea was dancing around relegation, the wonder boys of LEICESTER coached by the Italian magician , CLAUDIO RANIERI took the premier league by storm . Against all odds, LEICESTER was crowned champions. RANIERI was celebrated. The following season (2016/ 2017) Leicester had a woeful outing. They could not qualify for Champions league . The consequence: The Italian magician , CLAUDIO RANIERI was fired.

In the following season (2016/2017) Chelsea regained the English premier league crown. Chelsea was coached by another incredible Italian, ANTONIO CONTE . CONTE was celebrated by the fans . He connected with fans and they loved him . Fast forward to last season ( 2017/2018) Chelsea could not qualify for next season’s champions league. You know the result. The former victor became the villain. CONTE was fired a couple of weeks ago..


Despite the fact that these coaches excelled in the past , their employers still fired them when they could no longer excel. As far as the employer is concerned he owes you for good job done in the past only .. That’s why salaries and wages are paid in arrears. Your employer does not owe you if you are not consistent . Don’t rely on past good jobs to demand consistent rewards if your performance has become inconsistent. If you loved your spouse in the past , you must continue to display same or higher level of love to expect commensurate pay back. Even God said that if someone used to be righteous and now becomes wicked , He will forget all the good the person had done in the past and punish the person ( Ezekiel 18.24). Be consistently good. !!!

Who knew LEICESTER? In over 50 years Leicester did not win the premier league . Leicester proved bookmakers wrong. Most football betting guys lost big bucks when Leicester won in 2016. All odds were beaten . You may be down now , but believe me, you can still rise . You ‘ve not been counted out . Those that have been counted out are in the cemetery. You are still in the boxing ring ..If you do not count yourself out , you can still make it . God’s Word says that your enemy should not mock you because even though you are down, you will still rise again. (Micah 7:18). Keep believing. !!!

Most clubs that lost their crowns quite often go into the next season with almost the same set of players that won the trophy the previous season. They often forget that their rivals who lost will reinforce their teams in order to challenge the champions. My friend whatever the level of education you have, you must keep studying . You must keep searching for knowledge. Whatever the business strategy that earned you profits , you must keep improving on it . Yesterday’s skill and experience are insufficient to confront tomorrow’s challenges. Keep moving from glory to glory .!!!

Who would believe that Manchester United could not qualify for Champions league two years ago ? Who will believe that Arsenal and Chelsea will not play in champions league this coming season ? It used to be their exclusive preserve. But it’s not happening. Championships are won by good players; they are not won by reputable clubs. Your pedigree may be wonderful but if you do not work very hard and live holy , guys with poor backgrounds will clean up their messy backgrounds and leave you behind .Be diligent. !!!!

Every club that has won the premier league invests in good players. They keep buying players. The transfer market has been active . But do you know it’s quiet for some clubs now .? When such clubs start praying for others to lose In order for them to avoid relegation at the end of the season that should not surprise you. When such clubs fire their coaches during winter break, that should not shock you . If you don’t invest in top quality players you cannot win. It’s a team again. What you sow is what you reap ( Galatians 6:7). Take a look at your team at home including your drivers , stewards , gardeners , gate men , nannies etc. You may need to strengthen them by firing and hiring or by coaching. Take a look at your office team. You may need to strengthen some areas if you need performance. Invest in your team.!!!

Why have the owners of the clubs we reviewed changed their coaches? Simple : RESULTS!!!.Let nobody deceive you ; every employer wants results. Even God said that if a branch of a tree does not bear fruits , that branch should be cut off ( John 15.2). Good results make employers happy. Some team say they want to play attractive football without winning .I don’t like boring games myself . I am not against attractive football. I love it . How about playing attractive football and also winning the trophy . Trophies are given to those that win by scoring goals and earning points. Keep your eyes focused on what matters most . Don’t major on the minor issues. Don’t be distracted in your marriage, business and career .Remain focused on the major goal..!!!


In premier league, champions come and go . But some champions reign for a long time . Their desire is to reign for ever. It may be tough to win the premier league forever but it’s not impossible. If you work consistently hard and God backs you up , you can reign forever..You can only go down if others are against you. However if God backs you, God’s word says who can be against you ( Rom.8.31). In fact God’s word says you are more than a conqueror through God . ( Rom.8.37). You can remain wealthy until you die . You can remain healthy until you die. You can have a blissful marriage until you get old and die. If you posses the three attributes of HARD WORK, HUMILITY AND HOLINESS you will be a champion forever even if premier league champions rise and fall..

Finally I want to encourage you. If you are discouraged and downcast , get ready to rise. Joy is about to come for you if you are in sorrow. If you are barren , you are about to become a joyful mother . If you are poor , as you work hard and live holy, God is about to make you rich by blessing the work of your hands. If you are sick,God , the Physician of physicians is about to heal you as you call on His name . Get up and rise . Stop murmuring . Stop comlplaining .Your story is about to change . My God will bless you . I will soon hear your testimonies.

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Your brother , coach and friend ,
Pastor Simon Aranonu.

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