Big Brother

It happened about 44 years ago. It was September 1974. I had just become a freshman in a missionary secondary (high) school. The school was far away from my home town. One reason that my father initially objected to my attending school was that I was too small /young to live in a boarding school very far from my town. He later consented to my attending the school when he was informed that my cousin (BARRY EZEUKWU) was already a senior student in the school., He was assured that BARRY will look after me.

Within the first month of resumption, I experienced some turbulent times. One of the experiences was a bully who “terrorized ” young students. He was a senior student. I had gone to fetch water from the school water system. It was a motorized borehole. Students queued with their buckets. One young boy ignored the queue. He just moved to the tap. He disorganized the queue and started fetching water. We resisted him. I led the team that resisted him. We did not know that it was the Senior bully that sent him.

The guy ran back to the hostel to report to the bully that we insisted he should queue. The bully arrived shortly. I had already fetched. He poured away my water. He slapped me endlessly to the level that I was seeing stars. He finally ordered me to lay on the mud-filled field. While on the floor he started dealing with others. In that pain, I remembered I have a BIG BROTHER. I ran to call BARRY. After narrating what happened BARRY followed me.

BIG BROTHER, Barry was big. He was a senior. He was a very smart intellectually and used to teach mathematics to even other seniors. He was respected. As soon as BIG BROTHER arrived, I pointed at the Bully. BIG BROTHER took over. There was a “hot “exchange of words between them. I recall BIG BROTHER warning him never again to touch me. The Bully backed off. I got my water. I rejoiced. From that day no sane senior bully tried to harras me.

Now the story is over. Let’s take lessons.

Firstly, NEVER ASSESS PEOPLE ON THEIR FACE VALUES. One of the biggest mistakes I made that day was to see the young boy as one of my classmates. I got dirty slaps and thorough beating because I did not know that one big bully sent the little boy to come and fetch water. Obviously, my attitude would have been different if I knew he was only an errand boy. Behind some drivers, messengers, stewards and security guards are some influential people. You will never know until you harm them. Many people you treat badly or with disdain know people who can help you. They also know people who can harm you. Treat everyone well irrespective of their status or social standing. You never know !!!

Secondly, BE HUMBLE. If you do not humble yourself you may be humbled. No matter how successful you are someone is more successful than you. No matter how strong you are someone is stronger than you… That big bully thought he was the strongest until my BIG BROTHER arrived. He was humbled.

Thirdly, ALWAYS ENGAGE IN LONG TERM PLANNING before you begin a project or mission. My father foresaw bullies. He was sure I could not make it alone until he was assured of BIG BROTHER . He factored that into his long term strategic planning for the survival of his little son. Before you get into that new job do you plan for the future? Before you attend that school did you envisage issues that could arise ? Before you went into that marriage did you really strategically plan ? Never go out without an “umbrella”.It may rain. Never build a house without installing thunder arresters. Lightning and thunder may land any time.Never drive out without a spare tyre . One of the tyres may be deflected while on the journey. Provide for contingencies all the time.

Fourthly, DON’T ENVY THOSE THAT LAUGH EARLY. That little boy laughed when the BIG BULLY arrived . But I laughed when my BIG BROTHER arrived.The little boy laughed early. I laughed last. It is not those that laugh at the beginning that are guaranteed to laugh last . Don’t mock those who have not yet made it in life . Some that did not make it early in life could make it in middle age . Yet some others that could not succeed in middle age could succeed in the evening of their lives. The world looks like a musical chair game . You never know . You really never know !!! Only God knows. !!!.

Finally in order to make it in life , YOU NEED “THE BIG BROTHER. ” The real bully in life is the devil. He is called Satan. God’s Word calls him the Accuser. God’s Word calls him the Father of lies. God’s Word says he is the one who has come to kill , steal and destroy. (John.10.10). This big bully, is a spirit . Just like I could not fight that school bully , you cannot fight the devil. Just like I needed BIG BROTHER to defeat the school bully, you need the “original BIG BROTHER ” to overcome the devil. That original BIG BROTHER is JESUS. He has been helping people. He said all those that have burdens and yokes should bring it to Him and He will give them rest (Mathew 11.28-29).. Your real enemy is not man. It’s the devil. If you ask the ORIGINAL BIG BROTHER to help you fight the battles of life , your success is guaranteed.

I am very confident that you will succeed. I am very confident you will be victorious in the battles of life. I am confident you will not be bullied again. I am confident you will laugh last. God will help you overcome all your bullies from today.I will soon hear your testimonies.

If this piece has blessed you and you think it will encourage someone else, please share freely to all. But please remember to give credit to the author . It’s only fair. God bless you real good.

Pastor Simon Aranonu.

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